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Addi is a star!

Barb Linneman’s niece’s daughter, Addi, is the beautiful face for this year’s United Way campaign! Please take a moment to view the video below. And support your local United Way!
Addi in United Way’s 2015 Commercial Video


What is OAS? What are Cross-Reactors?
To learn about this syndrome, the symptoms that occur with OAS and what foods may trigger it, click here.




Brown Bag Lunch Suggestions
for the Heat of Summer

It’s summer camp time…and that means outdoor activities in the hot sun. Children who are in sports camps and regular camps will get dehydrated and burn off tons of calories during these activities. But you can reduce the dehydration and restore the calories by packing a lunch filled with high water and high caloric content foods that will help keep your child hydrated and restore energy.  For suggestions on what to pack for their lunch to keep your child hydrated and energized click here.


Children Gardening 1

Kid-Friendly Gardening
with a Purpose
Make gardening fun and purposeful for your children this more.



Foods Phytonutrients

Phytonutrients:  Antioxidants

Many phytonutrients found in fruits and vegetables have antioxidant properties that boosts our immune system and cell functions promoting good health. Check out what food sources provide antioxidants and how they may boost your immune system. Click here

Autism Awareness

April is
National Autism Awareness
For tips and resources on providing healthy food options for your child, click here.



Foods Phytonutrients

The fruits, vegetables, grains and wine found in this picture are some examples of phytonutrients. Don’t know what phytonutrients are and how they help boost your immune system, then click here to learn how they impact your’s and your child’s immune health. 



Barb Linneman has received her certification in Childhood and Adolescent Weight Management through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.


Fiber in Your Child’s Diet
To learn the basics on fiber and the benefits of fiber in your child’s diet, click here.



Drink Cans Fighting
Sports Drinks and Energy Drinks 
are Different!
Click here to learn more.



Fruit Veg Picture

Getting Back to Basics in 2015
Check out  these suggestions to
get back to basics with Whole Foods in your child’s diet.


Getting the Balance Back
the School Year
to learn more,
  click here 


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Committed to providing professional pediatric nutrition services since 1995, Pediatric Education Dietitian Services, Inc. offers comprehensive nutrition services for typically developing children and specializes in children with special health care needs. Our staff of registered and licensed dietitians provides medical nutrition therapy through assessments, education, and consultations. Our expert professional consultants will develop an individualized nutrition care plan and provide the educational guidance for implementing strategies to enhance the health of a child during each unique stage of development. PEDS, Inc. facilitates the development and promotes the optimal nutrition health and wellness of each child.

As a valuable resource for parents, guardians, school personnel and physicians, PEDS, Inc. will work to coordinate nutrition information to ensure the success of the child’s nutrition therapy. Accordingly, we offer education, resources and a caring qualified team of nutrition professionals to enhance and educate this support system.

Our trained team of professionals at PEDS, Inc. has experience with feeding strategies, offering FEEDS, a therapy clinic, which evaluates, identifies and manages issues that interrupt a child’s ability to eat a healthy diet of a variety of foods and textures. 

PEDS, Inc. provides advance and innovative services. We strive for excellence by staying current with the latest research in pediatric nutrition for maximizing overall health and promoting the developmental potential of children for a lifetime.