Kristen Robinson, RD, LD

I am a registered and licensed dietitian, living in the St. Louis area.  I received my nutrition/dietetic education from the University of Missouri-Columbia.  I truly enjoy working with children and their families.  My experience includes working in community based pediatric nutrition in the early intervention program and in clinically based outpatient nutrition services.  I specialize in pediatric food allergies and intolerances, food expansion for children with autism, managing nutrition concerns for medically involved children including tube feedings, and optimizing weight gain and growth for premature infants.  I make it a priority to teach the skills families need to assist in their children’s development and I strive to help families become confident and comfortable with the knowledge to optimize their children’s development.  Being a pediatric dietitian is a very fulfilling job and I look forward to working with families and other professionals in helping children live healthy and happy lives.